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Sierra Model Yacht Club


Notes from the August 22, 1999 meeting.





This was our second club meeting.


Bob brought out his new IOM,  his trusty ODOM and an IOM, that  Karl Tulp was selling.   Tom brought his Victoria Thunder Tiger.  His ODOM didn't make it this time.  Ken Tinker brought out his electric DUCK.  The duck has a electric squirt gun that is fun.  I brought my Fairwind 900, Ocean 500, and Direct control sailboat for my grandson Kelly


The winds were light around 10am so we enjoyed the donuts and soft drinks and sat around and chatted.  By 11am we had a breeze and it was time to sail.  We had several races and enjoyed the day. 


We had several people stop by and try their hand at sailing for the first time.  I didn't catch the fella's name from Lemoore that had 8" tall out door trains but he seamed to be interested in this hobby. 


During the day my Ocean 500 had a little trouble when I snapped my mast in two.  I purchased Karl Tulp's  IOM,  "MODOM" that Bob brought out.   Getting it in my truck was a bit of a trick.  I wonder if I can talk Bob into the same head start he gave me with my Fairwind?  With my sailing skills it might be fair.


At the end of the day Bob mentioned that we might start an hour later in order to get better wind.  So we will try 11 Am on September 19, 1999.


If you have a chance to come out and join us next time.


Thing you should bring with you when you come out, a boat, and a transmitter.  If you don't have a boat don't, worry.  Come on out anyway!  We love company.   In the summer a hat is a good plan, a folding chair is good year round.




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